Wanted: MCS-safe, mold-free 1-4 bedroom housing in Santa Rosa, CA

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Santa Rosa, CA Wanted: MCS-safe, mold-free 1-4 bedroom housing

Description: Wanted near Santa Rosa, CA ~ mold-free 1-4 bedroom housing on or near organic farm away from pesticide drift. We are an ever growing group of MCS Survivors, most on disability income, working to form a neighborhood of toxin-free homes.

Contact info: Please e-mail mcshouse1@hotmail.com

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posted February 16, 2013

Community Feedback

  • Suzy

    February 23, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    Count us in on this one. Please put us on our email list. We will be going to Santa Fe, NM househunting and scratched Santa Rosa off the list due to all the vineyards. Spray drifts for 800 miles if the wind is right, I have an article on it… RSVP how you plan to stay out of harms way. And, why you chose Santa Rosa, CA over Santa Fe, NM. Thank your lucky stars you got disability. I didn’t. Thanks. Suz

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