Seeking fragrance free, queer friendly room in Seattle

Jennifer in California

Seattle, WA Wanted: Fragrance free rental

Description: I am a 26 year old female moving from western MA seeking an individual unit or shared housing in Seattle which is most importantly fragrance free, queer friendly and available to rent starting October 1st. Looking for carpet-free, large windowed, quiet room in a mold-free, chemical-free home. I do not require an EMF free environment, but I do take care to minimize EMF exposure. Sunlight exposure would be fantastic as well as a kitchen where meat and dairy are welcome. I do not smoke, rarely drink, and would like to have an overnight guest every now and then. I prefer to live in a household with all female identified folks or feminist identified male identified housemates. Please email me if we seem compatible. With gratitude, Jennifer

Contact info: Please email

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posted August 22, 2011

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