Desperately Seeking Housing in Boulder, CO

Jade Beaty

Boulder, CO No Pride Left: Desperately Seeking Housing

Description: I have been approved for a county grant that will provide my deposit and up to 9 months rent to help me become housed, after almost two years of homelessness. They will only allow a 1 bedroom (or smaller) unit, and will only pay up to $844.00. I must have a lease in place by June 24th, 2011 to take advantage of this program. To add to the mix, I have a Heart Puja on June 18th that needs my attention and energy this next week. I need all kinds of help right now, and after finding a place, I’ll need help getting moved out of storage and settled in for the fall. My physical health and energy has degenerated during this phase of homelessness. The good news is, I’ve been accepted at Naropa ( for the fall semester. I hope to be able to stabilize my home and my health enough to go to college and do well there.
Since a massive mold exposure in 2007 I have become chemically sensitive, so there are a number of requirements for the living space. Once I am settled into a Boulder apartment, my long-term vision is to provide safe space for others with environmental illness to come and detox as they work on the emotional body issues that are causing their immune system to over react (childhood abuse is often wired into this syndrome). I know in my bones that horses will be especially useful for healing sexual wounding and war trauma.
As I’ve gone through all of this in the last two years, I’ve become an advocate for our homeless population. I’ve worked my way through the systems that attempt to provide help to the homeless. And do I ever have stories…much to share about this expanding problem that many will face in the coming years. There are so many mistaken ideas about who the homeless are, and how they’ve come to be homeless. My intention is to write about these experiences, and about my continuing path of service to the healing of myself and others, so that we may all come into an era of peace.
You can help by: 
• Sending love and light, imagining Granny Jade in her perfect temple home;
• Supporting financially by coming to my events:;
• Booking sessions, either by phone or in person in the Boulder/ Denver area:;
• Going and using the ”Donation’ button;
• Reading the description of what I’m looking for, and helping me find it!

Please share this note with anyone you think might be able to help.

Boulder Home Finding
For a base in Boulder during creation of Horse Wisdom Ranch:

By 6/24/11 or sooner

Price range: Below $844, 1 + study or 2 bedroom
I can supplement this rental amount by offering healing services. See to learn more about my work.

Must have:
Light: preferably S/SE exposure: no basements, even the ‘garden level’ variety
Air: windows that open: front and back doors or windows for cross breeze
Tub: easy access, claw foot or garden size is best – no tub enclosure (mold less likely)
Cat allowed: don’t currently have one, but NEED one to help settle my nerves!
Clean, well kept and well maintained, no evidence of mold or previous water penetration
Heating: all electric or water baseboard system, heated by gas boiler away from living space
No recent upgrades: no new paint, cabinets, tiles, vinyl tile or carpet
Make-ready must be determined together with owner, as I am now reactive to carpet shampoos, paints, many cleaners, perfumes, deodorizers and disinfectants.

Would be nice to have:
Gas cooking
Private entrance
Functional fireplace or wood burning stove
Hardwood floors
Near bus stop that is convenient to Naropa
Small yard or way to be near dirt
Individual owner, rather than property manager

NO basements or ‘garden levels,’ NO University areas or student housing

N. Boulder
Central Boulder
Some parts of East Boulder – out Arapahoe

Excellent references, fabulous care-taker, best tenant of many landlords who are happy to give glowing recommendations!
Contact info: Jade Beaty at (303) 786-7836;

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posted June 12, 2011

Community Feedback

  • Jade Beaty

    June 23, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    I’ve been given an extension for this program until July 1st…still even MORE desperately seeking!

  • Lisa Hakenewerth

    May 19, 2015 at 6:22 pm

    I would be interested in sharing a living situation with you possibly… Please let me know ASAP… ONLY by my cell #! at 970-372-8154.. I am very sensitive to mold also and have had MCS for over 25 years! I AM LIVING IN A MOTEL AND MY HEALTH IS GOING DOWN QUICLY since I was forced to sell my home… I could even purchase a home and rent out a portion to you if possible! Please let me know or if anyone else knows of someplace either in CO. or TX. then please let me know ASAP!
    Thank you so very much, Lisa

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