Seeking safe Section 8 housing in Indiana

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Indiana Wanted: Environmentally Safer Housing

Description: Responsible, clean, considerate individual seeking immediate environmentally safe housing in or near Hamilton County, Indiana. Pray for a compassionate landlord who is willing to work with someone who has environmental illness and needs to use Section 8 to assist in paying the rent.

Due to this, the following characteristics are needed:

• One-story home, cottage, duplex, or mcs trailer
• 2 bedroom, or 1 bedroom with den
• Hard surface floors: tile and hardwood
• Clean central air and heat (prefer all electric – no gas)
• Washer/Dryer Hookup
• Able to install water purification systems
• No new construction (older than three years)
• Prefer low or zero VOC, no new paint or insulation
• No chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, air freshener plug-ins used
• Mold free, prefer slab foundation over crawl space and basement
• Away from traffic, fields, cell phone towers, high voltage power lines …must be low EMF
• Peaceful place where being outside and walking are possible

Contact info: Thanks for any information, please e-mail responses to or call 765-252-9917.

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posted April 21, 2011

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