Mold-free/Chem-free room needed in Seattle

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Seattle, Washington Mold-free/Chem-free room needed

Description: Hello, I am in very very urgent need of safe semi permanent to permanent housing which is Mold free/Chemical free/Cat free. I am very ill due to mold exposure and have become very chemically sensitive as a result.

I am living in a run down moldy home that has no hot water or heat which is severely complicating and compounding my health as the weeks go on. I am willing to relocate if necessary from Seattle as thing have become so urgent.

I am currently able to pay $300/month rent. If I receive state medical I am eligible for an additional rent assistance of $400, if I find something here in Seattle.

If not Seattle I am willing to refile with the state I land in and start the proceeding for medical and rent assistance there. Once settled I will then begin filing for Social Security Disability as I finally have an environmental doctor willing to assist me in this.

I am a quiet, very clean and respectful 43 year old female who needs a safe place to land and begin the healing process.

Please help!

Contact info: Please email Shamay at

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posted June 14, 2012

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  • Crene

    June 27, 2015 at 11:18 am

    I realize this is a rather old posting, but I was wondering if you’ve found a safe place to land and begin the healing process? I have a room to share in my safe home located in the San Francisco Bay area. I hope you are well and doing okay. rene

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