Private home 20 miles east of Dallas for sale ~ $235K

House exterior

Rockwall, TX 75032 Private home near Dallas for sale ~ $235,000

Description: 3 bedroom, 2 bath private home with organic garden in Rockwall, TX, 20 miles east of Dallas. 

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Square footage: 1600
Lot size: 50′ x 100′
Date available: Immediately

Price: $235,000

Contact info: E-mail Anne Reach at, or call (303) 258-7401 or (505) 699-9605 (cell)

Additional info: The home was made safe by the previous owner, a patient of Dr. Rea’s who got well in this home.  She lived there four years.  She installed  air and water filtration and tiled all the  floors,  per Dr. Rea guidelines. She had an EMF specialist inspect the house; he installed a grounding rod in the back yard.   I upgraded the air-conditioning and filtrations systems and added a whole-house dehumidifier.   The air-filtration consists of multiple dust filters, multiple charcoal filters and a hepa filter.  The water coming into the house passes through two 20″ stainless steel water filters in series. In addition, the showers have 10″ charcoal filters and the kitchen has an RO system. I installed a garden in the backyard  with a retaining wall (all organic and low pollen and low terpene choices).  The house has been empty for almost four years, though it has been well-maintained, with heat and air-conditioning on during appropriate months and air-filtration on year-round.  All air and water filters have been changed recently.  There is a Krogers Superstore two blocks away that carries more than 200 organic items.

Building Materials/Indoor Air Quality

Age of house: 15 years old
Construction: Standard construction, but renovated to MCS standards.
Passive solar design features: None
Moisture barrier installed over the slab: n/a
Exterior building materials:   brick
Roofing materials: asphalt composition
Insulation materials: Fiberglass – formaldahyde-free.
Are the walls foiled?: No.
Wood detailing: n/a
Wood sealants used: n/a
Flooring: All tile, no sealants.
Carpet: No carpet.
HVAC: Metal.  Dust filters changed every 3 months.  Activated charcoal filters changed every 6-12 months.  Hepa filter changed recently (after 4 years).
Sauna?  Yes.  Heavenly Heat 2-person sauna.  Like-new condition.
Dates of past repairs/renovations:  Original renovation to MCS specifications in 2001, interior painted in 12/2010 with No-VOC paint

Utilities and Major Appliances

Heating system: Trane  heat pump, 16 Seer.
Cooling system: Trane  heat pump, 16 Seer.
Appliances? All electric appliances; oven, stove-top,  microwave, dishwasher.  No refrigerator.
Did the house ever sit empty for any length of time?  Yes – 3 years; heat, a/c always on at appropriate times and filtration system on year-round.

Electromagnetic fields

  • Unshielded electrical wiring: Yes, in walls.
  • Dimmers and 3-way switches:  No
  • High voltage and above ground power lines:  No.  All underground power lines to home.
  • Neighbors with WiFi:  n/a
  • WiMax installed or planned for area in near future: No
  • Smart Meter on site or planned in near future: No
  • Cell/microwave towers nearby and/or planned for near future: No
  • Other wireless technology being used nearby or planned for near future: No
  • Located under an airport flight path: No
  • Have others with electromagnetic sensitivities healed in this house? Yes.  The home was made safe by the previous owner, a patient of Dr. Rea’s who got well in the home.  She lived there for four years. An EMF specialist inspected house and installed a grounding rod in the backyard.


  • Is the property graded, are French drains, swales or other features used to wick away rainwater? Backyard slopes downward to a paved alley.
  • Are there plantings or berms around the perimeter of the home? Yes, planting.
  • On-slab foundation, crawlspace or basement? Slab
  • Exhaust fans in bathrooms, kitchen, and other high-humidity locations? Yes
  • Whole house dehumidifier? Yes
  • Is there a history of water damage of any kind? Yes.
  • Have there ever been roof or plumbing leaks, and if so, how were they repaired and how soon after the leaks were they repaired? n/a
  • Was mold remediation ever completed in your home? Yes. Remediated by professional recommended by Dr. Rea.  I lived in house for three years afterward with no problems.
  • To the best of your knowledge, is there currently high levels of mold or existence of allergenic, pathogenic, or toxigenic molds in the home? No
  • Pets that have lived in the house, either in recent or distant past, including past home owners: Dog
  • Known vermin infestations (e.g. presence of rat or mice feces, etc.): None
  • Homestead animals that have lived on property (e.g. ducks, chickens, goats, etc.): None
  • Local flora that might be a problem (e.g., juniper, pine, cedar, etc.) and worst times of year for pollen counts: Spring

Other potential toxic exposures
Were pesticides ever used in the house, or outside the house and around the property, by you or by former owners? No.
Has a pet that was treated with Frontline, wore a flea collar, or had other pesticides applied to it ever lived or entered the home? No.
Has the home site been checked for radon and other potentially hazardous elements? n/a
Is the house currently fragrance free, and has it always been? House is, and has always been, fragrance free.
Is the house currently smoke free, and has it always been? Has always been smoke free.
Has the house or any neighbors’ homes in a three block radius ever been used as a methamphetamine (“meth”) lab? No.
Has ozone every been used in the home to try to remove odors/chemicals/mold? Yes.
Garage: Two-car attached.  No cars ever parked in garage by any owner.  Used only for storage.


  • Do you or your MCS partner tolerate the home yourself?  Yes
  • How long have you lived in the home?  4 years.
  • How long have former tenants stayed?  4 years.
  • May I talk to a former tenant to see how they felt about living in the house? Probably
  • Why are you selling/renting the home? I moved out of state.
  • If you are selling, are you charging a premium over the likely appraisal cost for the special materials? If so, are you willing to carry a second note/loan on the house if the bank will not give me a mortgage at the price you wish to sell the house? Depends.
  • Who are the closest neighbors and what are their potentially MCS-triggering habits?  Generally pesticide and herbicide-free neighbors and neighborhood.   Yes, some of the neighbors BBQ on holiday weekends.  Can smell neighbor’s laundry when the wind is blowing in the right direction.
  • Neighbors’ pets: Dog
  • Do neighbors have chlorine swimming pool, loud music, frequent outdoor gatherings, use of fireworks, etc.)? No
  • Are the neighbors MCS aware/compassionate/friendly? Not especially, but I never asked them to be.
  • Will they heed MCS safe requests with minimal resistance? I don’t know.  I never asked.

Due to the nature of the illness, potential MCS buyers/renters will need to stay in a home overnight, or for an extended period, before committing to a purchase or long-term lease. Doing so puts the homeowner at risk for potential contamination of the space. Are you willing to do this? Yes, after determination of  extent and type of contamination risk.  If moving from moldy home, no.

  • Potential buyer can stay overnight in home for up to TBD days/weeks/ before committing to purchase at a fee of $TBD/night.  Will be determined per case.
  • Please list all allowed and forbidden personal care products, bedding materials, laundry products, etc.:  Only fragrance, chemical, and mold- free products and belongings.
  • Please detail house rules:  Must take shower immediately after returning from shopping and other exposures. Must remove shoes before entering home.
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posted December 18, 2011

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  • Daryl Nickel

    March 27, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    Would you consider renting?

  • Chris Glad

    January 29, 2014 at 8:59 am

    Is this house east of Dallas still available? I’m looking on behalf of my brother.

  • David Jeter

    April 19, 2015 at 9:04 pm

    Would you consider renting the house? Would you allow dogs in the house? Thanks.

  • Mary Fox

    June 19, 2016 at 11:49 am

    Please call me if still a available .. 214-202-0250

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