Wanted: MCS-safe home in northeast or southwest

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Northeast or southwest MCS-safe home wanted

Description: I have MCS, am an artist, astrologer, 55 years old and currently living on Long Island, NY. My roommate is terrorizing me. Throwing my things out, she is getting her rent. She is bad news. I have to leave for my sanity. Plus she has 4 cats and I am allergic to cats. I can deal with 1 or 2 but not 4. I would prefer to find a quiet place with people that don’t eat your food, or psychologically play games with you. I am clean, quiet, respectful, can be in same room and not have to talk and talk. I meditate, walk, scuba dive, and would prefer the southwest or northeast. But I am open to other places. I am disabled to a back injury. Please help. Thank you all.

Contact info: Email me at met.at.moma@gmail.com.

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posted July 23, 2012

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