Wanted: low-EMF/non-smart-metered home in southern California

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Topanga/Malibu/Woodland Hills, CA Seeking non-smart-metered low-EMF home

Description: Since the electric “smart meter” peogram unrolled in my neighborhood I am awakened 3:30 am by underground electric pulsing which continues. I need a rental within 20 miles of Topanga/Malibu/Woodland Hills in a non-smart-metered area with low EMF. Thanks for any assistance.

Contact info: Please contact Julie at 310-463-3016 or 310-455-9389.

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posted November 2, 2012

Community Feedback

  • kamala

    March 8, 2013 at 9:32 pm

    just wondering if you found anything… and if so if you’d be open to sharing w/ a roomie for a short term stay. I’ve been very ill while living in Florida and am wanting to move back to the socal area. I’d wish to travel out in May or June. I’m an easy going 56yo female who is recovering (on most days anyhow) from a host of dx which require special housing and is of course very hard to find. I need a jumping off point from which to search. Please email if you think you could help. Thanks.. and good luck.

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