6 acre parcels in Kingman, AZ – $45,900 each

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Kingman, Arizona 86409 6 acre parcels – $45,900 each parcel

Description: I have severe MCS. Moving here in 2002 was the best decision I have made in order to avoid chemical exposures. I live on 25 acres and have two adjoining six acre parcels. Both parcels have deed restrictions of “no burning, no pesticides.” They are bordered by Arizona State land and Federal (BLM) land. I prefer to sell (1) parcel only, but am open to selling both. The parcels are on a dirt road, 2 miles from the paved road. The area is high-desert (3800′ elevation) with mostly sagebrush. The soil is moderately sandy with very little rock, and easy to cultivate. I have my own well (700 ft deep). Some people in the area haul their water or have it delivered. Electric power is available as is phone service. Climate is moderate – 60′s to 90′s in the summer and 30′s to 60′s in winter. I have only one immediate neighbor, about 1000 ft south of my home. They do not burn. There are beautiful mountains in all directions and outrageously beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Kingman is 15 miles south and is a town of about 30,000 people. It has several good health food stores, a “fragrance free” dental office, and a good community hospital. Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, and the Colorado River are each about 50 miles away. Kingman has a small public airport, a community college, swimming pool, and a variety of stores and businesses. I personally see a nurse practitioner who tends to be holistic and has empathy for those with MCS/EI.

Price: Either parcel is $49,500 (marked down from $60,000). I would take $20,000 down and carry the balance at 10% interest for 10 years.

What makes this land safer?: No spraying or agriculture in the area. Both parcels have deed restrictions for “no burning, no pesticides.” MCS neighbor (me). Soil is easy to cultivate.

Contact info: (928) 757-7182

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posted May 22, 2009