Private home with studio suite ~ $1,289,500


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Exterior Exterior Sunroom Dining room Bedroom Kitchen Gameroom

19 Cranberry Meadow Lane, Killingworth, CT 06419 Private Home

Description: Private Single Family Home with Studio Suite attached via Breezeway

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3.5
Square feet: 3,783 (does not include Studio Suite)
Lot size: 5.37 acres
Date Available: negotiable

Price: $1,289,500

Contact Information: Contact realtor Jacqueline Yorzinski at (203) 927-3272.


Basic description: Green home with “Healthy Home” features on private retreat that borders Cranberry Bog/60+ acres of Land Trust. Green features include daylighting design, eco friendly mechanicals/materials; quartz/onyx/marble/granite/slate, hardwood/cork/tile ~ all custom.

Building Materials/Indoor Air Quality
Year built: Built in 2010.
Construction: Most MCS specifications met.
Passive solar design features: Yes.
Moisture barrier installed over the slab: Yes.
Exterior building materials: Cedar.
Roofing materials: 50 year old shingles.
Insulation materials: Spray foam.
Are the walls foiled?: n/a
Wood detailing: Cedar, Metal and Copper.
Wood sealants used: BINS Primer sealer.
Flooring: Cork, Cherry Hardwoods.
Carpet: No carpet.
HVAC: n/a
Whole house air filter: Yes.
Whole house vacuum: Yes.
Sauna? No.
Dates of past repairs/renovations: n/a

Utilities and Major Appliances
Heating system: Geothermal.
Cooling system: Geothermal.
Appliances? Electric.
Did the house ever sit empty for any length of time? No.

Electromagnetic Fields
Unshielded electrical wiring: Shielded only in studio.
Dimmers and 3-way switches: Yes.
High voltage and above ground power lines: No.
Neighbors with WiFi: No.
WiMax installed or planned for area in near future: No.
Smart Meter on site or planned in near future: No.
Cell/microwave towers nearby and/or planned for near future: No.
Other wireless technology being used nearby or planned for near future: No.
Located under an airport flight path: No.
Have others with electromagnetic sensitivities healed in this house? Yes.
Have others with electromagnetic sensitivities done poorly in this house? No.

Is the property graded, are French drains, swales or other features used to wick away rainwater? Yes.
Are there plantings or berms around the perimeter of the home? No (rocks, drip strip).
On-slab foundation, crawlspace or basement? Basement.
Exhaust fans in bathrooms, kitchen, and other high-humidity locations? Yes.
Whole house dehumidifier? Yes.
Other mold-reducing features: n/a
Have there ever been roof or plumbing leaks: No.
Was mold remediation ever completed in your home? No.
To the best of your knowledge, is there currently high levels of mold or existence of allergenic, pathogenic, or toxigenic molds in the home? No.

Pets that have lived in the house: Small dog.
Known vermin infestations: None.
Homestead animals: None.
Local flora that might be a problem (e.g., juniper, pine, cedar, etc.) and worst times of year for pollen counts: n/a

Other potential toxic exposures
Were pesticides ever used in the house, or outside the house and around the property, by you or by former owners? No.
Has a pet that was treated with Frontline, wore a flea collar, or had other pesticides applied to it ever lived or entered the home? Frontline is used.
Has the home site been checked for radon and other potentially hazardous elements? Are you prepared to provide a copy of any environmental home/site inspection that has been done? Yes.
Is the house currently fragrance free, and has it always been? Yes.
Is the house currently smoke free, and has it always been? Yes.
Has the house or any neighbors’ homes in a three block radius ever been used as a methamphetamine (“meth”) lab? No.
Has ozone every been used in the home to try to remove odors/chemicals/mold? No.
Garage: Detached.

Do you or your MCS partner tolerate the home yourself? Yes.
How long have you lived in the home? One year.
May I talk to a former tenant to see how they felt about living in the house? n/a
Why are you selling the home? Family matters.
Who are the closest neighbors and what are their potentially MCS-triggering habits? n/a
Are the neighbors MCS aware/compassionate/friendly? n/a

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posted July 26, 2011

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