Free room for caregiver to help wheelchair-bound MCS woman

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Vermont Seeking caregiver to help wheelchair-bound MCS woman with service dogs

Description: FREE ROOM in 3-bedroom house w/ hardwood floors, for MCS/EI who helps filter air and HEPA vacuum often for wc-bound Environmentalist MCS to smoke, mold, all perfumes and petro-chemicals, w/ two hypo-allergenic unscented service dogs who mostly stay home w/ yard and walked by wc-bound partner/trainer Thea, shopping online while you shop in a car or by bus for the 4 of us, at the great farmers’ markets and mom/pop stores that are not online. You cook veg*an for us both and we drink good water right out of the tap, you can add whatever filtering/shielding you need.

Need help setting up adapted office / off-gassing room with DSL cable and assistive technology shielded computer, which I have funding for. Background check and contract required, terms to be worked out to be mutually beneficial with Thea.

Interviews ongoing with summer students, will hire TWO part-time – one live-in; one backup. Pula Services does service dog training and accessibility advocacy.

Contact info: Please write Thea at

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posted May 21, 2013

Community Feedback

  • Lise

    April 9, 2014 at 1:28 am

    Are you still looking for a live in helper? I would like to learn more. I live in Amherst Ma. Where in Vermont are you?

  • Thea (Pula Services)

    July 16, 2014 at 6:53 am

    UPDATE: YES LISE, Amherst MA is one of the places I am looking to BE MOVED TO ASAP!!! The only good states for Medi/Medi “dual insureds” are MA, CA, WA, OR, or possibly CO now, but that is lowest on the list, If my friends in CO want to help they can look in Laramie WY for a 3-bedroom house: you LISE can look for a ramp able 3-bedroom in Amherst Pioneer Valley area, anywhere in W MA cuz they have great paratransit and medical there all over even Greenfield. VT DOES NOT and I need to be moved OUT SOON!!!! Avoiding smoke, mold, and unshovellable unrampable steps. My LIVE-IN PCAssistant must help keep the house HEPA clean and safe. I go out a lot less now, but will try to keep saving for a ramp able MCS-Safe camper van/tiny home on wheels, so if out west /PNW is where we find a home, I can be driven there in it. Let’s hear from any of you to share similar quests??? Must move before first snow at latest, VT is too inaccessible and hateful now to stay any longer.
    Namaste, Thea

  • debra

    October 2, 2015 at 3:14 pm

    I just saw your ad.Are you still looking for someone to help with caregiving?

    Thank you,


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