EMF-safe housing needed in Pennsylvania or Michigan

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Pennsylvania or Michigan Looking for EMF-safe housing this winter

Description: I am a trained environmental engineer who has become sensitive to SOME types of electricity. I am in need of a place to stay for the winter that has minimal to no electricity at night for sleeping. I am a woman of integrity and intelligence. I am 46 years of age. By the grace of God I am still on this planet. I would like to create a sense of belonging… and help out where I can. I do not do well with the new smart meters, elevated dirty electricity, nor with satellite or cable TV. I am sensitive to these types of electrical fields and potential electrical surges / frequencies running on city water and gas lines. I need well water and heat supplied by other than natural gas. I may be able to sense airport radar as well. I am physically strong and willing to help with chores, and can contribute monetarily each month. Thank you for your consideration.

Contact info: Please call Michelle at (906) 322-0007 or email risonshine@mac.com

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posted December 26, 2012

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