EHS-safe home needed ASAP by Florida woman

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Florida or any place with EHS safe environment Seeking EHS safe home

Description: I am a 50 years young female with electrical hypersensitivity and I am seeking shelter in an EHS friendly home. I’m seeking a one bedroom in Broward County or Monroe County, Florida but am willing to relocate to any state where there is a healing environment. This situation is URGENT as I am being electromagnetically tortured daily by full body symptoms caused by my current housing situation.

I’m not chemically or mold sensitive to my knowledge. My biggest triggers are cell towers and airplanes. I require quiet – no nearby airports. I am sensitive to WiFi, smart meters, satellite antennas and even sprinklers…so I do need some distance from neighbors using electromagnetic appliances and wireless technology. Any leads are greatly appreciated. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist (currently not working due to EHS) with a very pleasant, down-to-earth personality and a focus on holistic healing.

Contact info: Please call Maria at home at (954) 935-6049 or email

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posted November 27, 2012

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