Couple with young child seeking a mold-free, MCS-safe apartment in L.A.

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Santa Monica, West LA, Westwood, Brentwood, Mar Vista, Palms, Venice and surrounding areas in West Los Angeles Seeking mold-free, MCS-safe apartment

Description: My husband and I both have severe allergies to mold, and we are both chemically sensitive to many VOC’s (especially formaldehyde). We are in our 30s, work as writers, and have a three year old daughter who blessedly is not affected by any of these symptoms. Our mold allergies make it difficult to live in older buildings unless they are very well maintained, and our MCS makes it tough to live in new buildings. We are currently living in the west side of Los Angeles (Santa Monica) and would love to stay in this region (Santa Monica, West LA, Westwood, Brentwood, Mar Vista, Palms, Venice, etc) if we can find a safe apartment complex or anything else that works.

Please email us anytime with any suggestions! This is a challenging situation so we are grateful for any help. Thank you in advance. Best, Gloria

Contact info: Please email Gloria at

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posted October 17, 2012

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