30 x 8 foot travel trailer ~ $24K


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Side entrance Kitchen View into bathroom from kitchen Sleeping area Bathroom Toilet Laundry area

Thomaston, GA 30286 30×8 foot custom trailer for sale – $24,000

Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1 (Full bathroom, with house style ceramic commode, pedestal sink, porcelain tub with shower and large exhaust fan.)
Washer/Dryer: Yes
Square feet: 240
Date Available: immediately

Price: $24,000

Contact Information: Write Lynn Swift at P.O. Box 45, Thomaston, Georgia 30286 or call cell phone (706) 741-4424.

Basic description: 30×8 foot travel trailer. Custom built for individual with MCS/EI in 1996. Redwood exterior of 8 inch redwood siding. Metal frame body. Steel bed frame sealed with sheet metal bottom.  Insulated aluminum windows.  French exterior wood doors with insulated glass.  Storms and screens.  Wheels and tires stored separately.

Building Materials/Indoor Air Quality
Year built: 1996
Construction: Custom built to MCS specifications.
Wall materials: US Gypsum Sheet Rock walls plus Ceiling. 1 coat of plaster.
Insulation: Certainteed Yellow fibreglass with no paper or chemicals added – six inch thick fiberglass insulation in the ceiling and floor, and three and a half inches in all walls.
Wood detailing: Solid cherry in interior. Exterior steps and landings for doors are redwood, with the exception of handrails, which are untreated pine.
Wood sealants: None.
Flooring: Utility and bathroom floors are stainless steel. All other floors solid cherry wood, with no sealer.
Past repairs/renovations: Rebuilt portions of trailer steps and landings with new redwood. Resealed all joins in redwood exterior with 100% silicone caulk and new stainless steel nails, where needed. New refrigerator two years ago. Replaced original A|C. Replaced water filter cartridges.
Current repairs needed: None.
Heating system: Custom electric ceramic radiant heat in two locations, with thermostats.
Cooling system: (2) A/Cs, total 18,000 BTU.
Have heating and cooling system been used consistently?: Yes.
Water filtration: Water filter for sediment and chlorine.
Laundry?: Yes, full laundry.
Does the trailer have all appropriate hookups?: Septic and water hookups, 50 or 100 Amp electric service.
What exactly is required to operate the plumbing, electric, and sewage in the trailer?: 50 or 100 Amp electric. (125 amp electric service and system, according to records at purchase. Currently to 100 amp service, and can use a 50 amp trailer hook-up.) Freshwater supply. In Ground Septic system (none onboard). 30 gallon electric hot water heater.
What cooking/food storage facilities are provided for?: Full kitchen with 4-burner stovetop and oven, overhead fan vent, apartment sized refrigerator/freezer, double stainless sink and stainless counter. Solid cherry kitchen cabinets.
Bed frame/mattress provided?: Single organic cotton mattress and box spring on moveable metal frame.
Is there an eating and/or desk or work area?: Yes, there is a table for eating in the kitchen. There also is a card table which can be used for a separate work space.
T.V. and/or computer box vented to outside?: No.
Other special features:
• Special low-EMF metal clad wiring.

Electromagnetic Fields
Are there any known EMF issues with the trailer?: None known.
Is the electrical wiring shielded?: Yes.
Is there a grounding rod?: Yes.
Have others with electromagnetic sensitivities healed in this trailer? There have been several individuals with EI that have healed in my trailer.
Have others with electromagnetic sensitivities done poorly in this trailer? No.

Is there a history of water damage of any kind?: No.
Have there ever been leaks of any kind?: No.
Was mold remediation ever completed in the trailer?: None required.
To the best of your knowledge, is there currently high levels of mold or existence of allergenic, pathogenic, or toxigenic molds in your trailer?: None known.

Pets that have lived in the trailer: None known.
Known vermin infestations: None.

Where is the trailer located for pick up?:Shenandoah Trailer Park in Thomaston, Georgia.
If you have MCS, do you tolerate the trailer yourself?: Yes, I tolerate my trailer. I do not have many of the old symptoms I used to have and therefore do not require to live in it any longer.
How long have you owned the trailer, and in that time how long have you lived in the trailer?: I have owned the trailer approximately 6 years and stopped living in it 2006.
How long has it been empty and where has it been stored?: The trailer since this time has been well maintained. I keep it heated and air conditioned and de-humidified.
Why are you selling the trailer?: I no longer require EI housing.
Have pesticides ever been used inside or on the exterior of the trailer?: No. I have used “Taro” ant traps (active ingredient: borax).
Has a pet that was treated with Frontline, wore a flea collar, or had other pesticides applied to it ever lived or entered the trailer?: None used.
How much does the trailer weigh?: Approximately 10,000 lbs.
What is the length and width of the trailer?: Inside: 30′ x 8′.
Does it meet maximum height limitations?: Yes.
Does it require special permission to be transported on highways?: No.
What type of hitch does the trailer have?: I don’t know. But, it can be moved by a truck with dual rear wheels.
What type of truck is required to pull it?: It requires a 3/4 ton truck to move it.
Are you also selling the truck?: No.
Do you know anyone in the area who can transport the trailer for me?: Yes.

Due to the nature of the illness, potential MCS buyers/renters will need to stay in a trailer overnight, or for an extended period, before committing to a purchase or long-term lease. Doing so puts the trailer owner at risk for potential contamination of the space. Are you willing to do this? Yes.

• Potential buyer/renter can stay overnight in trailer for up to 1 night before committing to purchase/lease at a fee of $60 dollars/night.
• Please list all allowed and forbidden personal care products, bedding materials, laundry products, etc.: Un-scented personal care products and laundry products. No bedding please – I will provide bedding.
• Please detail house rules: Take shower on arrival and put on clean clothes. Please do not bring or wear clothing/shoes or any other possession contaminated with mold and/or chemicals into trailer. There is one single bed for one person.

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posted July 26, 2011

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  • Jean

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    Is this traveler still available?

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    Is this trailer still for sale? Please contact me by email @ larayulesingh@gmail.com thx, Lara

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    Is the trailer still for sale?

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    Is this trailer still for sale.

  • Debra

    May 3, 2015 at 4:57 am

    I can buy this trailer in full cash from you right now. Let me know if it’s still available, thanks!

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    Is your trailer for sale?

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