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Located in the Sierra Mountains of California, Kaweah Cottage is a place to rest, dream, explore, commune with Nature, create, play and nourish your spirit.
Part of the difficulty in finding safer housing is the challenge inherent in traveling for those with chemical sensitivity. Most of us can’t just hop on a plane, train or bus for a weekend trip to test out a potential new house. We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you plan your trip, and we’ll add more as we find them.

EI Safe Housing
A Facebook safe housing group that offers free HOUSING WANTED and HOUSING AVAILABLE listings for individuals in need. Members have offered temporary housing to those traveling in their area.

additional resources
The Aerotoxic Association
A not for profit organisation campaigning on behalf of all people who want to travel safely by air.

Air Travel Health News
What everyone should know about air travel—a newsletter by a former stewardess damaged by pesticide spraying in-flight. 808.828.1919 (Hawaii)

Angel Flight
A non-profit charitable organization of pilots and volunteers who will arrange free air transportation for any legitimate, charitable, medically related need. This service is available to individuals, and health care organizations. They will also arrange transportation of those people who are financially distressed, or who are in a time-critical, non-emergency situation due to their medical condition. 918.749.8992

Aviation Contaminated Air Reference Manual
Reference manual aimed at policy makers, doctors, scientists, air accident investigators, engineers, crews, passengers, airline and union representatives, politicians and media involved or interested in any aspect of the contaminated air debate on commercial and military aircraft.

Aviation Organophosphate Information Site
Did you know as an airline passenger or crew members you are sometimes being exposed on commercial jet aircraft to a wide selection of toxic compounds? This site was set up in 2001 to inform crews and passengers of the truth behind these exposures which have been allowed to occur for over 30 years.

Better World Club
A less evil alternative to AAA. 866.238.1137

Worldwide network for making connections between travelers and the local communities they visit. Who knows – if you have only mild sensitivities, you may be able to find tolerable chemical free overnight accommodations when traveling.

Food and Travel Translation Cards
Food and travel translation cards for communicating food allergies and other health-related issues. 888.396.9260 or 973.729.6538

Global Cabin Air Quality Executive (GCAQE)
The Global Cabin Air Quality Executive (GCAQE) is the leading organization globally representing air crew with regard to cabin air quality, specifically contaminated air issues and representing over 400,000 aviation workers globally in 3 continents.

Safer Travel Directory for the Chemically Sensitive and Health Conscious Traveler
Your source for eco travel/green travel/organic travel/sustainable communities. This web site offers a sampling of what’s in the paper version of the Safer Travel Directory which contains over 600 listings with many new listings in the 2009 EDITION, including a comprehensive Resources list.

Toxic Free Airlines
The information resource on the ‘Aerotoxic’ scandal.

Travel Health Online
Your guide to health and safety in more than 220 countries, including a list of pre-travel health providers.

Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines
If you have ever flown you need to watch this film. A thirty year secret revealed by a documentary film the aviation industry never wanted made because they know the truth. So will you soon!

safer hotels and tours
A European association of independent hotels offering holidays based around natural products—choose between a wide array of hotels in different regions of Austria, Germany and Italy

Fragrance Free Accommodations
A list of places offering fragrance free alternatives for overnight accommodations.

Yellow Bear Journeys
Fragrance-free ‘green’ tours primarily in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii. 360.918.8121

safer b&bs

Natural Bed & Breakfast Retreat
B & B located in Tucson, Arizona. Their philosophy: We provide one of the few high quality non-allergenic, healthy living environments. Both the residence and the grounds are maintained without chemicals or pesticides. We provide air purifiers, humidifiers, and relaxing music. No street shoes are worn inside, we welcome non-smokers only, and pets are not allowed. 888.295.8500 or 520.870.8970

Kaweah Cottage
The Kaweah Cottage is a home that was created for people who want a retreat from everyday stress and wish to reconnect with the Elements. Located in the western foothills of the Central Sierras, it’s less than 4 hours from Los Angeles and East Bay Areas and 4.5 hours from San Francisco and South Bay Areas. It is graced by blue oak woodlands, riparian wildlife corridors, grazing horses and ancient river pools. Built in 2006, the entire home was constructed with non-toxic materials such as formaldehyde free woods and recycled cotton insulation. No paints or stains were used on interior walls. The Cottage is heated by passive solar and a single propane wall heater. Pesticides/herbicides are very rarely used to deal with black widows or yellow jacket nests, about once a year and ONLY OUTDOORS. Guests may request that the use of these products be suspended before and during the stay. see Facebook page for photos more info on green features 888.838.6683

Neon Rose B&B
Fully dedicated to the comfort of chemically sensitive travelers, this cottage adjacent to 260 acres of Point Reyes National Seashore is in the middle of the organic food capital of the country. Fragrance-free, earth-friendly cleaning products are used; hypo-allergenic linens and pillows are available. Constructed from non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, this cottage-style B&B goes the extra mile beyond green to chem-free. You’ll find no pesticides in gardens, and nothing but clean, fresh air. 800.358.8346

North Berkeley Hills Homestay
Located just 2 miles north of UC Berkeley campus, the North Berkeley Hills Homestay offers B&B ambiance with access to their gourmet kitchen and bountiful organic garden for light meal preparation and laundry for longer stays. Their home has also become a safe refuge for many people with chemical sensitivities. They use only eco-friendly cleaning products in this fragrance-free, shoes-off, non-smoking, pet-free home.

Las Manos Bed and Breakfast
Located in Buena Vista, Colorado, Las Manos B & B is an energy efficient, environmentally friendly straw bale home with radiant heat, well water, solar and wind power, and chemical free products. They are aware of MCS and will go out of their way to accomodate special dietary and lifestyle needs if told in advance. 719.395.4567

The Natural Place
Chemical free, environmentally friendly hotel and apartment complex located in Deerfield Beach, on the east coast of Florida, just 20 minutes from Ft. Lauderdale and two blocks from Boca Raton. Their website says that they are chemical-, smoke-, pet-, pesticide-, and fragrance-free, however you should be aware that Florida is notorious for pesticide use and although The Natural Place has never been sprayed, the neighbors do pesticide regularly. 954.428.5438

Southern Palm B & B
This B & B in Loxahatchee, Florida appears to be MCS-aware and -friendly. Their website claims their premises are chemical free, with no pesticide use except for diatomaceous earth. They say they use environmentally friendly products for cleaning. In addition, great care was taken in the construction of the building to provide the most healthy living environment. Rates are better in the off-season. We would love to hear from anyone who has actually stayed here. 561.790.1413

north carolina
Big Mill Bed & Breakfast
Located near Greenville, North Carolina, Big Mill is an eco-friendly inn: fragrance and pesticide free; sheets are line-dried; and they recycle, compost and conserve energy. However, the Inn is located near a tobacco and cotton farm and you will need to ask if pesticides have been sprayed in the area before arriving. Environmentally aware owner Chloe Tuttle is willing to accommodate chemically sensitive travelers. 252.792.8787

Fox Hollow Valley B & B
Recommended by one of our members, this secluded bed and breakfast is located in Western Oregon, just ten miles from Eugene. Comes with organic free-trade coffee and breakfast, full kitchen, private bath. Sleeps 2-4. 541.343.1557

Walnut Lawn Bed & Breakfast
Walnut Lawn B & B in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania attempts to maintain a healthy, chemical-free environment for all guests including those who have allergy and asthma conditions, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or Environmental Illness. Some of their efforts: no pets, no smoking, no strong-scented or aerosol cleaning products, no room deodorizers, hypo-allergenic pillows, air-conditioning and Hepa (or near Hepa quality) filters in vacuum cleaners, portable Hepa room filter, hard wood floors in dining room and 2 guest floors, hormone-free eggs and milk from local farms, organic or minimally sprayed fruits, special diet accomodation with prior notice. 717.464.1382

south carolina
Summer Haven
Guest house for rent near Environmental Health Clinic in Charleston featuring tile, filtered water, laundry and close to health food store and beach—discount for patients of Dr. Lieberman 843.871.5611

Jefferson Street Bed and Breakfast Inn
Located in the Historic District of Irving (between Dallas and Fort Worth), the owners offer an environment that is friendly to people with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). Guests have two lodging options: rooms at the Ranch house or rental of the Cottage. The Ranch house guest quarters do not have fireplaces or carpet. Each room has its own air system; no air ducts between the guest’s room. No pesticides or herbicides used. No smoking or pets allowed. Also available: a charming 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom Craftsman-style Cottage with sleeper sofa built in 1927 and remodeled in 2006. 972.253.2000

Seagoville Ecology Housing
In a rural area south-east of Dallas is a small community for “universal reactors” and the severely environmentally ill. Most residents are patients of the Environmental Health Center-Dallas. This community has been around for over 20 years. click here for photos 972.287.2059

White Pines Lodge
Members of Green Hotels Association and Sustainable Travel International, every aspect of this inn is dedicated to care of the earth’s environment. Not only are no chemical cleaners used, but in an attempt to provide a hospitable environment for those with multiple chemical sensitivities, guests are asked to sign an agreement not to wear any chemical products, perfumes, colognes or hairsprays at the inn. All natural cotton and wool fabrics are found in rooms, and more than two million gallons of water and subsequent energy have been conserved by guests re-using towels and sheets throughout their stays, and installation of low-flow showerheads and toilets. 920.746.8264

top photo: © Kaweah Cottage | Located in the Sierra Mountains of California, Kaweah Cottage is a place to rest, dream, explore, commune with Nature, create, play and nourish your spirit.