Refurbishing a trailer

Many with chemical sensitivity have refurbished Airstream Trailers.

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EI Safer Housing Facebook Group
Find trailer listings on this popular Facebook safe housing group.
MCS Friends Housing Listings
Find trailer listings on the MCS Friends website.
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refurbish your own
A how-to website on building/refurbishing your own travel camper. Lots of photos and great information and links that take you through the process step by step. Does not include information about materials for someone with chemical/mold/electrical sensitivities but still a great resource and guide for anyone planning on doing this themselves.

Building an MCS-safe floor on top of a trailer (read original blog post here)

Custom Design Your Own Mobile Home
This article in Mother Earth News (March/April 1971) by Don Stephens offers tips on custom designing a motor home to your own requirements. Even though it is an old article and not geared towards those with chemical sensitivity, it does offer some helpful information.

Taylor Design Healthy Homes
Tad Taylor’s son continues on his tradition of refurbishing Airstream trailers for those with MCS.

build a tiny house on wheels
Daisy O’s Tiny Home
Follow Daisy O and her hubby DK of Washington state as they build a tiny home on the back of a trailer bed using plans purchased from Tumbleweed Houses.

Vardo for Two
Mokihana and Pete completed their own Vardo for Two and are considering the ways in which they can work with you to build your very own. Contact them through their blog to start the discussion.

Leslie’s Safe House Project page 2
Inspired by tiny Tumbleweed Houses, Leslie is building her own non-toxic tiny house on wheels. Her vision: “to buy land in one or more places, and have communities of MCS people living there in these little movable homes.” If this interests you, let her know via her blog. If there is enough demand, she will put together a business plan for producing these tiny homes for others.

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Teardrops & Tiny Travel Trailers

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top photo: © Flickr | Many with chemical sensitivity have refurbished older models of Airstream Trailers.