Choosing a location

A hillside view of Kinlochleven, a village in the Highlands of Scotland.

Seeking a New Place to Live
EI Communities in Arizona
MCS Living in Prescott, Arizona
MCS Living in Santa Fe, New Mexico
MCS Santa Fe Housing Experience

Air Now
Website developed by U.S. governmental agencies to provide easy access to national air quality information—offering daily Air Quality Index (AQI) forecasts as well as real-time AQI conditions for over 300 cities across the U.S.

Creative Methods
U.S. air quality map rates counties across America from cleanest to dirtiest.

Earth Observatory
Shares with the public the images, stories, and discoveries about climate and the environment that emerge from NASA research, including its satellite missions, in-the-field research, and climate models.
ERsys is designed to provide the most complete set of relocation information.

Global Air Pollution
Global air pollution map produced by Envisat’s SCIAMACHY.

Ground-level Ozone
Displays hourly projections of ozone for the upcoming 12 hours throughout the lower 48 states.
Tools and resources for re-imagining our relationships with each other and the Earth.

Right-To-Know Network (RTK NET)
Provides free access to numerous databases and resources on the environment—here you can identify specific factories and their effect on the environment, find permits issued under environmental statutes, and identify civil cases filed.

Rate your town’s pollution factor: search by chemical name—or community location—to find information on more than 11,200 chemicals, including where they are being produced in the United States.

State of the Air 2007
The American Lung Association’s interactive website will tell you how your city rates in air pollution—including ozone pollution, and short and long term particle pollution.

Toxic Trespass Map has started a Beta version Toxic Trepass map for people to report toxic hazards where they live and elsewhere: gas stations, factories, scheduled pesticide activities, suspicious odors, and more. The map also includes safer locations—pesticide free zones and Safer Building Certified properties.

Tropospheric Emission Monitoring
TEMIS aims to compute and deliver global concentrations of tropospheric trace gases, and aerosol and UV products derived from observations of nadir-viewing satellite instruments such as GOME, SCIAMACHY and (A)ATSR. Air pollution monitoring includes formaldehyde (CH2O), sulphur dioxide (SO2), and aerosol readings.

Weather Underground
Get details on daily and seasonal weather changes, either where you live or where you want to consider living.

World Climate Maps

World Climate Zones
Interesting facts about the world’s climates.

World’s Dirtiest Cities
From AOL Travel. Urban environments create their own “ambiance” and today more than half the world lives in urban, as opposed to rural, environments. This means ever more concentrated dirt.

top photo: © Flickr | Choose a location where the air is clean enough that you can keep your windows open most of the year.