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The Garagehouse, an MCS-safer home in the hills of northern New Mexico.

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Due to our own limited energy and resources, we are unable to answer personal questions about construction or safer housing at this time. Most of what we know can be found on this site. We hope it gives you a good foundation to build upon and if you have further questions, please make use of the discussion groups listed on our site as well as Planet Thrive’s safer housing forum.

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top photo: © 2009 Laurie Tümer | The Garagehouse. A recently built MCS-safer home in the hills of northern New Mexico. The “distressed” exterior is old corrugated metal from the area (called “laton” in Spanish) which Laurie collected over three years as she planned the building. She says her design was influenced by tons of books and magazines, juicy discussions with architect friends, a limited budget, serendipity, and an angel crew.