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Desert Moon House in Arizona

Chemical Injury Information Network (CIIN)

EI Wellspring’s Safer Housing

HEAL of Southern Arizona
Housing, rentals, camping and organizations for safer housing

Healthy Home Services
Jennifer will help you look for safe housing to buy or rent. Services include: Internet research; follow up on any promising options using your specific criteria list; working as an intermediary with agents; any additional research related to the non-toxic housing environment. She is also available as a personal assistant to travel nationwide and check out properties for you. For questions and information on qualifications and fees, call Jennifer at (505) 471-5133.

RV Living

Documenting a personal quest for non-toxic housing.

safer housing-related articles
Building and Remodeling With Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
by Debra Lynn Dadd

Chemical Sensitivity and the Monolithic Dome

Home Sweet Non-Toxic Home: Going Beyond Green
by Julie Genser

In One Arizona Community, an Oasis in a Toxic World
NY Times article about an MCS community in Snowflake, AZ

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities can drive sufferers into poverty as well as ill health
by Todd Hymas Samkara – Touches on the difficulty of finding safe housing for MCSers.

The New Refugees
by MaryFrances Platt

No Safe Haven: People With Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Are Becoming the New Homeless

Resources for People with Disabilities Displaced by Hurricane Katrina
Providing Shelter for People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity by Cyndi Norwitz

Safe Houses: Only for the Affluent?
by Barbara Easton

mcs housing blogs
Building a Healthy House
Follow Jill and Matt as they build their house, have to put the project on hold due to finances and health, and struggle to balance a job, grad school, and raising Izzy, while they finish the project.

Vardo for Two

EI Foundation
Plans to build environmentally safe, asthetically uplifting, community integrated, energy efficient, accessible and affordable housing for the disabled and other special groups, using eco-friendly, non-volatile organic compounds, non-toxic, allergy and asthma free building materials.

Building an MCS House photo tour

I’m Sacred
Photo gallery by Live w MCS detailing her attempts to create a safe space in her toxic home.

Photos from The Dispossessed
by Rhonda Zwillinger

non-MCS photos
LifeOffTheGrid’s photos

Homesick by Susan Abod
A movie about living with multiple chemical sensitivities

Trailer for HomeSick by Susan Abod

non-MCS videos
The Field Lab’s videos of off-grid living in Texas

green architecture
natural/non-toxic home
organic gardening/permaculture
health-related and all other topics