Emergency housing

Jonathan camps due to mold illness -  from the documentary Black Mold Exposure.

If you are living in an unsafe home and want to try to make a safe room within the home, here is one way of doing that:

Foil and seal the entire room with Denny Foil (a vapor barrier made of pure aluminum foil that is glue-mounted to super strength Kraft) and/or K-Shield (an insulating reflective barrier), and Shurtape (foil tape). For the floor, you can use metal sheeting, K-Shield, or even Denny Foil but you’ll want to take off your shoes for that so it doesn’t wear through quickly. If you purchase metal sheeting, make sure to clean it well to remove machine oil and other residues that may be on it from manufacturing. You’ll want to seal the door to the rest of the house well, and use the window to enter and exit the room using a ladder. This takes some effort, but can at least make an unsafe situation bearable until you can figure out a better long-term solution. Some people do not tolerate aluminum foil and other metals of any kind, so be sure to do some initial tests before investing the money, time, and effort.

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Re|shelter Underground Network (RUN)
Our Facebook safe housing group offers free HOUSING WANTED and HOUSING AVAILABLE listings for individuals in need. Good for emergency situations.

homes for sale (including mobile cottages)
Re|shelter’s Safer Housing Listings

Planet Thrive Classifieds
Place your “housing wanted” listing in the “Wish List” section.

Vacation rentals, private rooms, and sublets by the night. Not geared to MCS but you may find chemical free or eco-minded rooms using the search feature.

Queer-friendly resources
Sick and Disabled Queers is a private group on Facebook where you can network with other queers, many of whom are chemically sensitive.
Transgender Couchsurfing Network Search your area for MCS-safe(r) opportunities. Click on “need a couch posts.” You might find private rooms and, occasionally, folks are open to possible long term arrangements.

pre-fabricated sheds (No guarantees these will be tolerable – please do your due diligence in researching materials, cleaning protocols required, etc.)
Home Depot
Studio Shed

tips and ideas
Fast and Simple Temporary Housing
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Freestanding Screened Shelters
Safer Camping
Safer Camping Equipment
Tent Living Part 1 | Parts 2 & 3

top photo: © 2009 Looking Glass Entertainment Company – from the documentary Black Mold Exposure | Jonathan was forced to abandon his home and all his belongings due to mold contamination. He now camps in nature to maintain a level of functionality he is unable to attain with standard housing.