Buying a safer home

Safe house in Arizona with beautiful courtyard.

What to Look for in an Existing House for a Healthier Home
Tips from the Healthy Housing Coalition

How Can Real Estate Agents Help Clients With Multiple Chemical Sensitivities? article by Dr. Gloria Gilbere

How NOT to Buy a House article by John Schwindt

EI Safer Housing Facebook Group
Find homes for sale on this popular Facebook safe housing group.

MCS Friends Housing Listings
Find homes for sale on the MCS Friends website.

Arizona Environmental Health Bulletin (AEHB)
Free newsletter with housing ads for those in the Southwest.

Chemical Free Housing Ottawa, Canada
Upcoming housing development to be designed to meet the needs of individuals who suffer from allergies, asthma, and environmental sensitivities. The funding will be used to build 24 rental units with an additional 50 units that will be sold as condominiums to those who agree to the policies of “smoke-free, scent-free, pet-free and chemical-free living.”

Green & Healthy Homes for Sale
Some of these are built specifically for recovery from Environmental Illness—browse their “healthy homes” category.

Healthy Home Services
Jennifer will help you look for safe housing to buy or rent. Services include: Internet research; follow up on any promising options using your specific criteria list; working as an intermediary with agents; any additional research related to the non-toxic housing environment. She is also available as a personal assistant to travel nationwide and check out properties for you. For questions and information on qualifications and fees, call Jennifer at (505) 471-5133.

Lustron Homes
In the late 1940s a Swedish emigrant convinced the US government to subsidize the building of porcelain-enameled steel housing as an affordable housing alternative following World War II. The company collapsed in the early 1950s after producing only 2,498 homes. Some of these homes are still standing in at least 22 states in the Northeast, South, and Midwest, including more than 15 in Ohio. Members of the chemically sensitive community have expressed interest in buying them and relocating them, as they may provide very promising housing units for the severely chemically sensitive.

MCS-Safe Shelter yahoogroup
Place an ad on this group, and browse others’ ads.

New Horizons The last two pages of this newsletter put out by the New Horizons Independent Living Center contain MCS-safe housing ads for rentals and sales.

Our Toxic Times
Free newsletter that comes with an annual membership to the Chemical Injury Information Network (CIIN). Contains lots of ads for housing and trailers.

Safer Travel Directory
Green lodging, and housing rentals and sales.

green/organic – does not mean MCS-safe but a good starting place for organic properties
A Better Home & Garden – Land & Homesteads for Sale
For those looking for a piece of land so that they can build their own garden ponds, cottage gardens, and a future for their families—listings provided by the A Better Home & Garden blog.

Eco Business Links
International listing of sustainable houses and organic farms for sale.
Eco properties for sale in Australia.

Find seasoned real estate professionals in your community who understand energy-efficiency, sustainable design, healthier environments, comfort, and value. Find a range of high quality product and service providers who can assist you in improving your home or commercial building (both inside and out), and help you find the best financing. Access informative articles and expert information on topics such as energy-efficient mortgages, passive solar heating, sealing your existing home, mold mitigation, and more. 800.706.4321

ElderGrace Co-Housing – Santa Fe, New Mexico
Affordable senior cohousing complex in Santa Fe, NM where they have places to purchase for ages 55+. They seem like they might be tolerable for some with mild MCS as they were built with environmentally safer materials, radiant heat, and passive solar design. In New Mexico, HUD may allow you to purchase one of these and use your HUD voucher toward mortgage instead of rent – please check the details with The Housing Trust Online.

Green Communities
Green Communities is the first national green building program focused entirely on affordable housing. It incorporates many innovations from the “mainstream” green building movement (environmentally sustainable materials, reduction of environmental impact, increased energy efficiency) but also takes the idea of green several steps further, emphasizing design and materials that safeguard the health of residents, and siting that provides close, easy access to public transportation, schools, and services.

Green Homes
Free green home listings from

Green Housing
Provides a local resource for people in Eugene, Oregon and surrounding communities who are interested in making their home more earth friendly and energy efficient.

Green Key Homes / San Francisco
Green Key Real Estate is the first, and only, green real estate brokerage in San Francisco that is working towards solving environmental and social problems.

Green Real Estate
Buy or sell your sustainably built home.

Green Works Realty / Washington
A collection of green homes currently available for sale in Washington State. GreenWorks Realty searches for homes marketed by sellers as a green home. GreenWorks will work closely with you to understand features and benefits of green homes to find the home that best meets your needs.

Greener Homes Canada is a free online resource of green related news, tips, opinions, and directories of green products and organizations pertaining to homes and property. In addition to it’s presence on the web, the team offers a ‘green’ realty service throughout British Columbia for both Buyers and Sellers of real estate.

Listed Green
The MLS for green, sustainable, energy-efficient properties.

Modern Green Living
International listing of green residences.

Odd Homes for Sale
Unusual homes, caves, ancient ruins and other unique places for sale from around the globe.

Sustainable Habitat Consultants
This service is for anyone who would like to understand their property better, survey their options for making sustainable lifestyle choices, or craft a sustainable development plan. Ampersand Consulting will help you understand your resident resources; the soil, the plants, and the water drainages, and how they may be enhanced. We will also examine those resources that visit your property; the sun, shade, wind and rain.

top photo: © Kathy Hemenway | Safe house in Arizona with beautiful courtyard.