Past Donors 2014 DONORS

2014 SUSTAINERS ($100+)
Cynthia Perkins
Judy Taylor
2014 SUPPORTERS (<$100)
Kimberly Stronczek


2013 BENEFACTORS ($1,000+)
Goldring Family Foundation ($3,000 Eagle Rare Life Award)
2013 SUSTAINERS ($100+)
Cynthia Perkins
Ian Greenberg


2012 BENEFACTORS ($1,000+)
Ian Greenberg
2012 SUSTAINERS ($100+)
Cynthia Perkins
Erik Organic
Robin and Sal Ferraro
Ian Greenberg
Lisa Haber Gershon
Pamela Reed Gibson
Lauren Hamilton
Lindsey Henrichs-Truesdell
Lappen Family Foundation
Karen Rostmeyer
Judy Taylor
VOA Associates, Incorporated
2012 SUPPORTERS (<$100)
Mary and Richard Anderson
Jessica Clark
EI Wellspring
Tovah Hagan
Amelia Hill
Cynthia Jackson
Ali Jaffer
Catherine Lennon
Tammy Martin
Gail Rudolf
Caryl Schonbrun
Ward Stalnaker
Kimberly Stronczek
Eric White


A special thank you to the following members of our community who went above and beyond in helping us make the auction a success: Marybeth Egner, John Egner, Susi Lippuner, Melinda Honn, Lisa Snow, Lisa Cherry, Lindsey Truesdell, Ashok Gupta, Annie Hopper and James Tozer.


A huge thank you to these compassionate businesses and individuals for making a difference in the lives of those suffering from toxic brain injuries:


2010/11 BENEFACTORS ($1,000+)
Ian Greenberg
2010/11 SUSTAINERS ($100+)
Susan Baron
Jacqueline F. Colson
Carol Forestieri
Tova Hagan
Bryan Henrichs
Annie Hopper
Carolyn Killingsworth
Ann Lloyd
Erik Organic
Cynthia Perkins
Kimberly Stronczek
Judy Taylor
Joy Thomas
Tiny Green Cabins
Robert Wenzel
2010/11 SUPPORTERS (<$100)
Katharine Boyd
Diane Clark in honor of Trish Litle
Andrew Cook
Kevin Cvetan
Amy Davis
Christopher Ellis and Dawn Marie Galtieri
Jennifer Fink
Ann Fonfa
Alana Gonzales
Dawn Grenier
Lauren Hamilton
Mark Ingebretsen
Ali Jaffer
Mark Jeffery
Matthew Hogg
Pamela Holbrook
Heather Hollingsworth
Tommie Kamm
Rebecca Khan
Scott Killingsworth
Susan King
Ira Klein
Jorge Kreimer
Llyana Landes
Leslie Lawrence
Jennifer Lujan
Michael Marsonet
Karen McGinnis
Gordon McHendry
Iris Moore
Aurora Levins Morales
Kathryn Mundt
Jill Neimark
Jon Neiss
William Newmyer
Neil Orts
Ronnie Pennell
Julie Reich
Susie and Al Rohr
Dan Ross
Nadine Saubers
Steve Savitz
Caryl Schonbrun
Elizabeth Smith
Leah Spitzer in memory of Patricia Hetzler
James Tozer
Julia Tuchman
Claudia Vogel
Eric White
Michael Roland Williams
Shari Withrow
Shari Withrow in memory of Patricia Hetzler
Morell Woodworks
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