Looking for safe houseshare in/near Durham, NC

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Durham, NC Looking for safe houseshare

Description: I’m a 40-ish, open-minded female with Sjogren’s and possibly MCS. I’m extremely sensitive to fragrances and chemicals odors. I am looking for a safe houseshare, which needs to include the use of fragrance-free cleaning, laundry and personal care items. I’m generally okay with food smells, but not with essential oils, and some unscented products bother me due to the chemical smells. Obviously no pets, no smoking, no mold issues, etc. Because of dryness from the Sjogren’s, I usually try to keep the humidity around 50% in the winter.

I need my own bedroom, computer room and bathroom. I know that people with chemical sensitivities are often bothered by different things, but am hoping I can find someone to share a safe place to live. I’d be interested in renting or buying a home together once we proved compatible, or would be happy to move into a place that is already set up.

Contact info: Email me at ladymoondance@aol.com to discuss more specifics.

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posted March 29, 2013

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