Safe Oasis Grant Program for Individuals

In October 2012, re|shelter awarded $13,500 to recipients of its Safe Oasis Grant Program. Six (6) small grants of $2,000 each and one (1) $1,500 grant went to seven (7) selected applicants whose ability to continue to live safely in their current home has been severely compromised by environmental intolerances. All grant monies awarded are required to be used for the purpose of creating a “safe oasis” through home and trailer renovations, air quality improvement appliances, environmental testing, security deposit and first month’s rent for new apartments, or towards the purchase of environmentally safer homes and trailers to be used as a primary residence. Applications were reviewed by an independent grant determination panel made up of veteran housing activists from the chemical sensitivity community. The Safe Oasis grant program was only available to legal residents of the U.S.

Re|shelter was again able to offer the Safe Oasis Grant Program in May 2018, this time disbursing $400 grants to 31 recipients — a total of $12,400. These grants will allow recipients to purchase air purifiers, EMF meters, water filters, non-toxic construction materials, and other related items to help make their living space safer and more tolerable. This brings the grand total of Safe Oasis grant funds awarded to $25,900. We couldn’t do any of this without YOUR support. Thank you to all of our donors, present and past, from the bottom of our heart.

We will continue to award Safe Oasis grants to the remaining 30+ applicants over the next few months if we receive additional donations. If you would like to donate, please click here and note “Safe Oasis Grant Fund” on your donation.



“The cargo trailer I was able to purchase with the grant from re|shelter has provided an invaluable safe space–a mobile “kitchen” and mold-free storage zone–as I am forced to traverse the country in constant search for a tolerable living space that meets my many challenges. It was a much-needed gift that came at a desperate time, and I am extremely grateful.”

“For over a decade I have been homeless due to a chemical injury. Now I have two shelters. With the blessing of re|shelter’s Safe Oasis grant, I was able to buy organic hemp canvas for my homebuilt yurt, which is my summer shelter in New Mexico, and had a little cob cabin built in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, where I spend the winters. Much gratitude goes from my heart to the Safe Oasis grant program. I have two homes now. Safe Oasis is a beautiful name that goes to the very core of the needs of people living with multiple chemical sensitivities. It is a prayer from my heart that the Safe Oasis grant program will be able to help many more people in need. There are so many of us. Thank you all so very much.”

“Thanks to the grant I received from re|shelter’s Safe Oasis program, I will be able to breath clean air once my safe shelter is completed.”

“I cannot even begin to put into words how much this means to me… this is one of the best things that has ever happened to me!!! I am still processing the magnitude of what this means and am anxiously awaiting the check in the mail…I can’t wait to begin making the changes that will enable my health to begin to improve. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.”

“We are so grateful for your mission and for this grant. We really appreciate the award – money won’t hold us back now from looking for a place to rent. Thank you! May God bless you and your work :)”

“Thank you & the committee SO MUCH! It will come just in time… as I just had to move out of the apartment that I was trying out and don’t know where I will end up now. But, being able to have a deposit *in hand* will making getting a safe place SO much easier.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless you.”

“I cannot begin to tell you how much this means to me to receive this grant. Today, being Mother’s Day, I was feeling a bit more down than normal because I’m a single mom. Your donation will be a big help in making myself a safe place, and that gives me hope. I appreciate all the work you do for the MCS community.”

“Oh my gosh!!! This is awesome – thank you so so much! It will be a piece of hope for her during these scary, challenging times. Thank you so much for the work you do!!”

“Thank you so much for this great gift.  It means so much to me!!! Now I can purchase an air purifier for my home and hopefully breathe a bit easier.”

“THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m screaming I’m so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Cool… Totally Cool! Can’t thank you enough. The money will be going towards a new EMF meter… which will be a tremendous help to me. Thank You!”

“Thank you so much Julie, I am very grateful to have received such a generous gift. It will help me make my space safer for myself & my family. I’m glad too that relshelter could help so many others too.”

“Just wanted to thank you for selecting me to receive one of the grants. This means a lot to me right now. And also for working with my friend who applied for me when I could not do so myself. Please know how much I appreciate this help at this time. Very badly needed. Thank you for all you do. Sending you love and light.”

“Thank you SO MUCH…  I’m moving for the 4th time since applying for this grant, camping in a tent.  So no time to properly give thanks.  Just wanted to make sure you knew I got this. Praise God. This is a miracle and I’m overjoyed.”



“I am so saddened by the news that I was not selected for the grant. There doesn’t seem to be enough money to get me back on my feet as my needs are very large…I am so overwhelmed by what it is taking to simply exist & to get me back into a living space…I know you hear stories just like mine perhaps daily. I realize also that there is a sub population of people just like me, and that the number keeps growing. With the sadness of the news today is a bitter sweet thought that others will get the help they need. I offer my heartfelt thanks with tears that you are helping them. Bless you for doing so and for the others that contribute to your grant program. You and your angels will give hope to a few! Take good care. I wish you the best, good health and again my deepest gratitude for your consideration and kindness.”

“Thank you for being a leader in this fight! Amazing how you organized it. It was comforting that just as my sensitivities have become worse recently, there was someone out there trying to help and could understand fully!”


DISCLAIMER: Re|shelter does not recommend any safer building materials, environmental testing companies, or other items covered by grants. Approval of grant application is not to be construed as endorsement by re|shelter of the quality or tolerability of the items to be purchased with grant monies. Purchases made by individuals are the full responsibility of those individuals to research, purchase and test to their own tolerance levels. If items purchased are not tolerated, individuals will need to negotiate directly with vendors for returns, credits, and exchanges. Re|shelter will not be held responsible or liable for any damage or loss incurred from the use of any items that are purchased with grant monies.