Connie was a prisoner in her attic for years

Connie had to live in a foil-lined room

In order to have full cognitive function, Connie had to live in a foil-lined room that kept fumes from the neurotoxic organophosphate pesticide Dursban out, which had been applied to her New Jersey home years before. Dursban was finally banned for indoor use in 2000.

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posted April 22, 2010

Community Feedback

  • Patty

    June 3, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    How many years before Connie lived in the home and became ill was the Dursban used in Connie’s home?
    Was she living there at the time it was applied?
    Thank you,

  • Patty

    June 3, 2011 at 7:44 pm

    clarification: how many years had passed since the Dursban was used in this home before Connie moved in and became ill from Dursban exposure? Thank you.

  • Wild Canary

    July 31, 2011 at 6:00 am

    Patty, in May 1994 while I was preparing for my son;s wedding we had a termite treatment done. It is a long story, but my son and I were there when it drifted in the window as the professional was mixing. I shut the window and we left for a trip. Both of us were sick and irritable, but thought it was because we were traveling and he was nervous about his job interview. We recovered and after three days went home; the stench was still there and we went to relatives home and called first the company and they came and did some fixing up; then we called DowElanco customer service when those methods did not work. We were in my relatives home for three weeks, going back and forth so my son could pack his things and I could get mail, phone messages and get ready for the wedding…we were there usually about 15 minutes at a time as that was all we could stand. We went away to the wedding…thank GOD my son and his wife went on a honeymoon and were supposed to start a new life. This story goes on and on…and I tell it in other places…but the fact is the company should have moved us out right away…and gotten me to an Environmental Clinic…then the hell I have lived over and over would not have happened…Dow was fined for not reporting cases like mine for the same time period…and the product that hurt me was taken out of the indoor market and off some crops that children eat, like apples…but it is still being used. That was the year 2000…I think you can google it…The foundation was leaking and the basement damp…the product should never have been used in our home. You hire professionals to do this sort of work because they are trained and certified. So many things went wrong here, and most of it happened because once I was hurt with the pesticide our cognitive functions were impaired.

  • Wild Canary

    July 31, 2011 at 6:08 am

    I want to say here, too that the foil room was Denny foil, the room had an air ox air filter and I stayed there when I was at that house…our family home. I left that place as often as I could, staying on couches in friends, relatives and straNgers homes, we slept in the car first, then got a little truck and sometimes B&B’s; when there was toxic stuff and we ran, we got in the habit of looking at property. It was better than being politely moved by the police when we parked too long in a fresh air space. I also rented winter places at a shore resort, mostly because it was cheaper then and there were less toxic exposures from the multitudes. WE did that for about five years (the foil room was ruined when I tree fell and the phone company had to put up a new wire; though they tried to work with me, the wire was toxic and that was the only place it could go, right outside my safe room window) Eventually, while we were staying at a house a stranger (thru a support group) let us use for free, we saw an ad for the place we are living in now. It isn’t perfect, but I have gained health and more important, cognitive ability; my spirit has returned to my body and I am whole…this toxic chemical seems to take who you are. It took me awhile to figure out how to get myself back and I credit God for knowing me and holding me and guiding me along the path.

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