There is an international housing crisis and you probably never heard about it. People with toxic brain injuries are being forced out of their homes and onto the streets, into their cars and tents in the woods, because their house is making them too ill to stay.

They have serious reactions to formaldehyde, carpet glue, and other toxic substances commonly found in everyday building materials. These chemicals may cause cancer and other serious illnesses in the average "healthy" person in 10 or 20 years down the line but for those more vulnerable to these substances - like infants, children on the autism spectrum, people with environmental sensitivities, and other groups - exposure to these construction materials can make them deathly ill right now. Forced out of their homes, jobs and communities, they then enter a cycle of homelessness that they can never escape without community support. The situation is so desperate that some have turned to suicide.

You can help. Donate today so we can build safer housing and help those who can no longer help themselves.